Najeli Jewelry highlights sustainability with the use of recycled sterling silver, as well as upcycled sterling silver, and an up-coming vintage collection, to emphasize the importance of circularity in the world of jewelry and fashion. 

What is recycled sterling silver? 

Recycled sterling silver is made by melting down ‘scrap’ pieces of sterling silver and turning them into blocks, sheets, or wire. Silversmiths can do this process themselves or buy their silver already recycled from suppliers who have a metal recycling program. Recycled sterling silver has the same purity and quality level as newly mined silver without the environmental implications.  

What is upcycled sterling silver?

Upcycled sterling silver is simply using an already existing sterling silver object and turning it into something else. Owner and designer, Antonia, uses silver from her vast personal collection to re-imagine and create new original designs.